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Best Docs Directory Selection Process is a compilation of electronic and print publications which provide lists of 'Best Doctors.' As such, does not endorse any one source of information, endorse or oppose any physician, endorse any method for selecting physicians, or guarantee the accuracy of any information. While not endorsing any particular selection process, the directory does not provide links to directories which are primarily advertising and though identifying themselves as a 'Best of' list only provide for paid listings. In this light, the directory has a few simple criteria for inclusion:

  • The list must have a clear and easily found methodology for doctors to be included.
  • The methodology must not include a requirement for payment in order to be included in the listing.
  • Listings which provide additional advertising based on inclusion in the list are acceptable as long as inclusion in the initial list is not contingent on purchasing additional advertising or paying a fee. In addition, the entire list of those selected to the list, not just those who paid for inclusion, must be available either in print or online.
  • Listings which require a subscription to view the listing will be included though a notation will be made to the type of fee required.
  • The editorial board of reserves the right to remove or refuse to list any site at its sole discretion without further review or appeals process.

For lists which are selected for inclusion, we will identify their method of selection as either peer nominated, public nominated, or outside list.

Peer Nominated: Includes lists which are generated through the list publisher obtaining nominations for physician selection from other physicians or medical professionals.

Public Nominated: Includes lists which are generated through nomination by anyone, not necessarily only physicians or medical professionals.

Outside List: The publisher uses a list which is created by an outside organization. There are several companies in the United States which maintain lists of 'Best of' physicians. In any case, the selection criteria for the publisher and the list must be presented and both meet our inclusion criteria.

If you have a listing or know of a listing that we have missed, either in print or electronic, please let us know by visiting our Contact Us page.


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